10 O’Clock Live Drinking Game

Make 10 O’Clock Live interesting by drinking yourself unconscious after each of the following occurrences…

– a developing story is mentioned and subsequently ignored

– Jimmy Carr grins cheekily after offensive joke

– Charlie Brooker feigns disproportionate fury

– audience whoop and cheer inappropriately

– Jimmy Carr mentions tax evasion for laughs

– debate includes someone who exists solely to be obnoxious on TV debates

– David Mitchell misjudges pedantic tangent and stops making sense

– Jimmy Carr visibly judges audience for finding his jokes funny

– baffling prop is crowbarred into Charlie Brooker’s bit

– discussion is halted for ostensibly funny internet clip you’ve already seen

– someone attempts to derive humour from possibility of recently-convicted criminal being raped in prison

– Jimmy Carr jokes about how lazy teachers are

– debate is reduced to incomprehensible shouting

– someone is made to feel uncomfortable for mentioning Victoria Coren

– Jimmy Carr says “TOO SOON?”

– Kayvan Novak does mediocre sketch as part of continued effort to distance self from prank calls seeing as they’ve lost popularity since those Australians killed that nurse

– Lauren Laverne doesn’t get to do anything

– someone on Twitter concedes that it’s at least better since Jimmy Carr stopped dressing up for those bloody sketches

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