Pet Shop Boys song titles, ranked by how likely I am to say them while talking to my cats

TOP 10:

1: I don’t know what you want but I can’t give it any more
2: If looks could kill
3: Do I have to?
4: Delusions of grandeur
5: What have I done to deserve this?
6: We all feel better in the dark
7: You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk
8: How can you expect to be taken seriously?
9: Love is a bourgeois construct
10: I want a dog


10: I want a lover
9: West End girls
8: Opportunities (let’s make lots of money)
7: Requiem in denim and leopardskin
6: I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing
5: One thing leads to another
4: Sexy Northerner
3: Generic jingle
2: Entschuldigung!
1: Bright young things

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