Month: June 2016

Scottish Grindr users on the EU referendum

I’ve previously taken to Grindr to ask users their opinions on the Scottish independence referendum and the 2015 general election. More recently, I’ve been asking Grindr users in and around Edinburgh whether they believe the United Kingdom should withdraw from the European Union. Here is a representative sample of the replies: STATISTICS: I was only…

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Handy pluralisation guide

Octopus > Octopodes Attorney general > Attorneys general Coup d’état > Coups d’état Passerby > Passersby Rhubarby > Rhubarsby Father-in-law > Fathers-in-law Mother-in-law > Mothers-in-law Brother-in-law > Brothers-in-law Sister-in-law > Sister-in-laws (this is because “Sister” already has two “s”s) Mum > Ma Ma > Mae Matrix > Matrices Bollix > Bollices Little Mix > Little…

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