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Comprehensive chronological lists of Twitter mentions of U.S. 2016 presidential candidates’ surnames on my Twitter feed

These are the people referred to in tweets containing the words “CRUZ”, “CLINTON”, “RUBIO”, “SANDERS”, “TRUMP”, and “KASICH” over time, according to my ‘From people you follow’ searches. CRUZ: Penelope Penelope Penelope Penelope Penelope Penelope Penelope Taio Penelope Taio Taio Taio Penelope Taio Penelope Penelope Taio Taio Penelope Santa Penelope Ted Ted Ted Penelope Taio Ted Santa Ted Ted Ted Santa…

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A ranking of celebrities worthy of joining David Bowie and Alan Rickman in “Death comes in threes” tweets

I’ve counted mentions of dead people named in conjunction with David Bowie and Alan Rickman from a Twitter search for the words ‘rickman bowie threes’. Here are the results: 652 – Nobody, TBC, “who’s next” etc* 411 – Lemmy 144 – Céline Dion’s husband 132 – Natalie Cole 99 – Something along the lines of “Death…

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